Will Nepal’s Prachanda escape the Hague trial?

Thursday, April 11, 2019

N. P. Upadhyaya: Kathmandu: The Ferocious of the Maoists era Prachanda is a fatigued political persona which could easily be understood from his wishy-washy face.

He not only has lost his heir apparent, junior commander monsieur Prakash Dahal, but has now centered his entire efforts on how to help save from the strange ailments that have of late gripped

Mrs. Sita Devi Dahal-the better half of Nepal builder Prachanda.

Observers possess sympathies for Mrs. Dahal on humanitarian grounds.

She is also the witness of her husband’s destructive bravery that saw thousands of innocent lives being mercilessly killed.

Some sharp brain conclude that Mrs. Prachanda may have developed some strange ailments for not having exhibited pains being a mother herself when thousands of innocent Nepali civilians were being butchered.

Is it that Mother Nature has retaliated?

Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai, the second man in command of the Maoists led people’s war is equally responsible for this wanton killing. Bhattarai after killing thousands and thousands of people, has very surprisingly wore a democratic “attire”. But how can the people forget his cruelty? Will the Hague let him go scot-free?

Yet Bhattarai to some extent from the inner core of his heart appears to have felt the guilt for his past war crimes.

Indeed instead of building a new Nepal, he and his New Delhi residing comrades have damaged and deformed the Nepal which was so sacrosanct for the Nepalese nationals across the length and breadth of the country prior to their arrival from Delhi-a home away from home for the dreaded Maoists’ leaders then.

In fact, the Maoists who were exported to Nepal and who dutifully did what they had been told to do by the Indian regime upon return to Kathmandu in the year 2006.

The Maoists comrades were tactfully exported to Nepal by the then Indian Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran.

The Nepali tragedy associated with a dangerous down slide in the preserved national values began thus which could be seen even as of today. The calamity continues yet. The Communists are spinning money in this republican order.

Very freshly, some high flying ruling communists’ leaders were reportedly found to have been involved in land grabbing case. Strange but yet true.

Shyam Saran has reasons to smile because the media men deputed by him are still kicking and alive in Kathmandu.

Yet some of his former “exported” paid disciples have suddenly become nationalists. This is surprising but meaningful indeed.

Prachanda as per the instructions of his New Delhi mentors is duty-bound to act and obey the dictates that approaches him. One has to admire his sincerity.

The recent instructions that he and his entire set of Maoists’ leaders in the government now may have received at time of the arrival of the Indian foreign secretary, Bijaya Gokhley, to Kathmandu for a two-day trip wherein he may have told primarily to Prachanda and the incumbent Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli to grant Nepali citizenship certificates to all those who shall, (by implication) approach the government authorities for such a certificate so that the new Nepali citizens can time permitting help support the Indian regime to gulp Nepal a la Sikkim. It is as simple as that.

If one Lendhup Dorje was enough to dismantle sovereign Sikkim then Nepal has, thanks Almighty, countless Lendhups.

But these Lendhups, both in the media and politics, shall die an unsung death.

The Nepali Home Ministry notified through a circular to the entire district authorities in Nepal to grant the certificates to those who approach the designated offices.

The Indian scheme worked which unfortunately was chased by a legal hitch.

The Nepal’s Apex Court through an Interim Order had instructed the government to scrap the distribution process for a while.

Some communist leaders have been voicing their concerns that the distribution of the national certificates to non-Nepalese in a haphazard manner shall time permitting turn Nepal into what the Sikkim is today.

But for some Nepali media men including TV channels the notion of Sikkimisation is just a farce (extremist view as they openly claim) and that Nepal should not be that rigid on matters pertaining to the distribution of national certificates.

Well, this could be their reason but for those who understand its “implications” appear reluctant in subscribing to what some mysteriously tilted media and TV sources claim.

Thanks the Supreme Court has capped the issue for some time through an interim order.

But demonstrations against the Apex Court ruling too has begun sporadically across the nation.

Needless to say, Nepal’s judiciary too has become weak after the advent of the Republican order.

But in general, observers opine that “no genuine Nepali citizen should be denied this national certificates” yet care must be taken to save Nepal from being converted into Sikkim.

Now that Comrade Prachanda has just returned from the United States and claims that “thanks the US that he was saved from penal actions” and he further says that thanks the ‘No Investigation

Circular’ that had been issued by the US prior to his entry into the US which in effect shielded him from the possible arrest in the US even if Dr. Tilak Shrestha, a Nepali researcher based in Kentucky, had tried hard to convince the US authorities to nab the Maoists leader but Alas!

Dr. Shrestha had approached the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI in Maryland, USA.

Dr. Tilak and thousands and thousands of Nepali nationals who have felt personally the untold brutality of the people’s war and lost their intimate ones during the war which was led by Commander Mr. Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda felt somewhat ignored by the US for having left the Maoists veteran Prachanda to loiter around the world capitals without being taken to task which remains yet long overdue.

That the US has absolved Prachanda from all the past crimes for some “political gains” but yet chances remain high that the Maoists commander who has the distinction of having killed some seventeen thousand lives shall be taken proper care by none less than the last resort of hope for aggrieved Nepalese and that being the International Criminal Court which is the Hague Tribunal based in the Netherlands.

Thanks that a former Maoists child militia Lenin Bista has already knocked the door of the Hague Tribunal.

Mr. Bista is currently traveling various European Capitals and convincing the officials as to what calamities the Maoists led People’s War brought for him personally along with his colleagues and to the Nepalese population at large.

Fresh reports reveal that Mr. Lenin Bista is at the moment at the Hague and has already met with and convinced the legal brains who would most likely raise his tragic concerns on behalf of the “abused Nepal’s child militia during the people’s war” at time of the Hague proceedings if and when Comrade Prachanda and Dr. BR Bhattarai are summoned by the Tribunal based in the Netherlands.

The chances remain high for the summoning of the Maoists veterans. Earlier the better.

Mr. Lenin Bista is learnt to have also informed the Hague Tribunal through the advocates as to how the Maoists leaders Dr. Bhattarai and Prachanda, lured the innocent school going students in to their war machine and how the child soldiers were physically and mentally brainwashed and finally how the kids were kicked out unceremoniously from the fraudulent war machine just after the Maoists’ had entered into the mainstream politics of Nepal under the scheme well planned by the expansionist Indian regime in the South.

Mr. Bista is learnt to have briefed the legal experts on how the Maoists supreme leaders embezzled the money allocated for the child and the rejected soldiers. The misappropriation of the government funds allocated for the militia caged in the cantonment were also narrated by the former Child soldier.

By this time Mr. Lenin Bista has already met not only with the advocates but has also convinced some high flying European parliamentarians who have a grand say in the European Legal affairs.

Some noted Human Rights Activists too have listened to the appeal being made by the Nepal’s abused child soldier-Mr. Lenin Bista.

Interestingly, the Child combatant from Nepal is in The Hague at the special invitation of the government of the Netherlands.

International media sources claim that Mr. Bista’s verbal statement could also be taken as an important document for the record by the Hague Tribunal.

On top of it all, if things go smoothly, Mr. Bista is likely to file a written petition at the Hague Tribunal demanding justice from the Tribunal for the entire criminal acts committed by the Maoists leaders in the name of the people’s war which not only abused the innocent school going girls and boys in Nepal but also cheated the State and grabbed billions and billions of money in the name of the Maoists militia housed in the cantonment.

Says journalist Binod Tripathi that “Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda could easily dragged to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for his involvement in a crime committed against humanity.

Mr. Tripathi says that the Maoists’ leaders who committed the crime in the past can’t be shielded simply by signing of the 12 point peace agreement for this pact is just a political document which doesn’t mention that Prachanda shall not be carried to a competent Legal Court for his acts committed against humanity.

The Hague Tribunal apparently has expressed that it may listen to the plea of the innocent Nepali population who lost their relatives.

The Maoists killing was most dangerous and brutal of its own kind in the registered history of War in South Asia, claim those who had been closely monitoring the People’s War in those days. That’s all.

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