Balmukunda Humagain

Balmukunda Humagain has been working as Advisor of the organization since the beginning of the movement which later turned into a formal organization. He has been supporting in the designing campaigns and other activities related to capacity building of former child soldiers and other youths related projects of organization. He has also been providing a series of training to the youths and former child soldiers on different issues. In addition, he has been supporting research, documentation and other initiatives of the organization.

Balmukunda has a Master degree in Conflict, Peace and Development Studies and additional Master degree in Applied Conflict Transformation Studies from Pannasastra University, Cambodia. He has a handful of experience of working with youths, Maoist ex-combatants, government, former child soldiers, conflict affected population, program designing and other peacebuilding initiatives. He has previously worked with several grassroot peacebuilding organizations and international organizations.

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